• What type of industries does ECT serve?

    We supply a wide range of industries in Ireland and abroad, from Medical Device Manufacturing, Electronic assembly down to industries such as woodworking and packaging.  For more information on the industries we serve, please visit the Industry and Market served page on this website.

  • How does the end user know what adhesive to use for a particular application?

    ECT will reccomend an adhesive that is suitable for a particular application.  We also carry out bonding and substrate trials in the laboratory at our Blandardstown facility.  All adhesives need to be tested for suitability by the end user.

  • What type of adhesives do ECT sell?

    We literally sell and support every type of adhesive chemistry.  We are very proud that there is no gap in our product offering.  We sell everything from simple PVA’s and water based adhesive chemistries, Cyanoacrylates (super glues), Silicones, and Polyurethanes (PU’s) to more complecated UV curable medical device assembly adhesives, masks and resins.  We would hope always to have a suitable product for your bonding, sealing, potting or encapsulation application.  We are the sole distributor in Ireland of some major well known brands such as Panacol, Araldite and many more, but we also have our own manufactured adhesives for certain applications.

  • How does the customer get substrates tested for bonding suitability?

    Email details of the application to info@ect.ie and one of our technical staff will email or call you back.  You can then arrange for parts to be sent to our laboratory for substrate analysis and bonding trials.  A report and reccomendation on a suitable adhesive will be provided.

  • How are adhesive cured or how do they go hard?

    There are various curing methods for adhesives.  The Cyanoacrylate (super glue) type of adhesives cure in atmospheric moisture.  Other adhesives cure by catalyst which normally are two part systems where you mix a part A and part B.  Anerobic adhesives cure when there is no oxygen present.  These type of adhesives are comonly known as threadlockers.  UV adhesives cure upon exposure to UV or sometimes visible light.  These are normally very fast curing adhesives ideal for a high speed manufacturing process.  Single part PU and Silicone adhesives also cure with moisture.  Other adhesives cure by heating them up to a certain temperature and these are heat cured systems.

  • How long should I cure my adhesive?

    All adhesives are different.  It depends on the adhesive chemistry, the method of curing as detailed above, the curing enviroment andmany other factors.  If you have a query about your specific adhesive, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical services department.  They can be reached in the office or can be emailed on technical@ect.ie.

  • Does ECT carry long-term implantable adhesives for the medical device assembly industries?

    No. Panacol is our adhesive partner for this industry and we will only support short-term implantation applications, defined by the FDA as <29 days.